Monday, June 27, 2011

Before & After: The Home!

This week I am on Vacation in Michigan, a much needed vacation. So for this post, I thought I would share where I live. The hubby and I have been in this house for just over a year now. It is no where near done, but it has definitely improved and feels a heck of a lot more homey to me!

Check out the Before & After Pictures:

The Master Bedroom

The Bathroom

The Living Room

The Guest Room/ Office/ Craft Room

The house still needs lots of work! But after a year, I'd say its looking pretty good!


  1. I love your house, Mindy! So cute - you've done a lot with it!

  2. You are so clever and crafty. I'm glad you are having such a good time. I did a lot of crafts when the boys were little. They thought the blender was just for making paper!

  3. Thanks Dawn! :-) I love doing this kinda stuff. I am sure once I have kids, they will think the same thing about my blender. haha

  4. [...] I also like the idea of sheet curtains, it fits with other curtains in our room (remember this post).  Anyway, with a little bit of sewing and some tacks, problem [...]


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