Friday, June 24, 2011

Father's Day Gfits: DIY Wooden Pennants

This was my first father's day having two fathers (one a father-in-law)! So I wanted to do something special for these guys. I need something that I could make (for cheap) and something that was manly enough for these fathers in my life. While I was reading my daily blogs I came across this awesome idea: How to: Make a DIY Wooden Pennant .

I knew this would be perfect for the fathers in my life. The only problem was the authors (probably men) who wrote this post used a screen printer. Yeah, I have one of those in my spare closet, not... So I had to figure out a way to do it without using a screen printer. And I did, and it came out GREAT! The dads loved it.(And on top of that it was 100 % FREE to make!)

First step is to cut the size pennant you want from spare wood or ply wood. We had some leftover plywood  from a previous project, so I used that (FREE!). I also had to ship these, so I had to make sure I had a box that would fit both of them. I chose 15'' x 18''for my size, since the box was 16'' x 20''.

Then stain the wood (if you want).

The next part is to tape the entire thing with painters tape (this will act as your stencil). Print out what you want your font and print to look like and say (I used Publisher, sorry no Photoshop here). Print it out and place it on top of the taped wood.

Use your EXACTO or craft knife and cut around the letters. After you finish it, you should be able to pull the letters right off and have a perfect space to paint.

Paint the letters what you want and then allow to dry a bit (I had to use a couple of coats to make it look nice).

Once it is dry peel off the rest of the tape and then embellish. I painted a boarder on my dads. And put some coats of polyurethane on there, and hang it!

The big part of this project to be creative! The best part of this, is that we had all the materials on hand. The wood, the paint, the paper, the tape, everything! So the total project cost is free.

What kinda gifts did you get your dad for Father's day?

- Mindy


  1. Wow! It's such an endearing blog. I loved it and it makes me want to buy a creative gifts for my father this Father's Day.
    Keep writing about such gift ideas.


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