Monday, June 13, 2011

Stationary, Why Are You Expensive?

Lately I have been obsessed with cute flat stationary, I mean really really obsessed. I constantly find myself on websites that specialize in custom stationary. And you know what? They NEVER go on sale! Ever.

Recently, I was ordering $0.99 Father's Days cards at tinyprints (a super great greeting card website), and I thought hey, that's cheap - why not check and see what else they have. Long and behold I found this :

Isn't it beautiful?I feel in love when I saw our names on there, yet at $1.59 a piece that was WAY outside of my budget.  Plus when I add shipping and handling costs - $45 for 25 cards! That is like $1.80 a card. Way too much for me! (not to mention the $0.44 it costs to send a letter these days)

After being bummed for a few days, I came across a VistaPrint sale. They were offering  free postcards - exactly 100 of them . All I had to pay for was shipping. I thought to my self, "hey self, postcards are just like the flat stationary that I have been lusting after looking for."

After some searching and rearranging I came up with this:

Isn't it cool? I like it, and it is a little more manly, so that the hubby will be comfortable using them if he needs to.... (like that will ever happen!). Not to mention it happens to be Hokie colors! And since 100 post cards where free, I splurged for the matte finish and 100% recycled material (that way I can write on both sides)... total cost : $18.48. That is right, only $0.18 a card. :-) AMAZING! Now all I have to do is find some 4x6 envelopes and we are good to go! I can't wait to get these in the mail (I do have to wait 15-20 days, thanks to the lowest shipping possible!).

Tiny Prints cost for 100 cards: $126.95
Vistaprint cost for 100 cards:   $18.48*
TOTAL SAVINGS:             $108. 47 ( 86%)

*plus I used e-bates, so I am getting 5% back or $0.92 back! Every little bit helps. And if you don't use e-bates, you should. (You get $5 for just signing up!)

Now that is what I call a deal! Check out VISTAPRINT's sale today!



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