Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chalkboard Paint

For a while I have been reading a lot of blogs and projects that are using Chalkboard paint to make simple things way cool. I see if everywhere, on walls, on vases, on doors, on pictures, on cups, on everything.

Here are some inspiration pictures.

(the above are found at Little Birdie Secrets, Gobs of Giggles, & Apartment Therapy)

On a recent trip to a Salvation that was closing to renovate they had their picture frames all for $0.50. Heck yes. So I found one that I thought would be really cool to make into a chalk board for the kitchen! This is what I found:

Now I need to be the chalkboard paint,  I was only able to find it at Walmart unfortunately ( if want to know what I hate Walmart, just read this).  Anyway, I went there and it was only $9.99 for a quart jar.

So I started painting, here is the look after two coats (I didn't have a smaller roller which would have been ideal when using this paint! FYI!)

And now it is hanging on my bare kitchen wall. Don't worry I have big plans for this wall and this corner.

We just put this new (well new to us) light up .....

And the Hubby is working on some sweet benches for that corner :-)

P.s. In case you couldn't tell, I got my new Canon DSLR somewhere between painting and hanging it up :-) More on the new camera later....


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