Friday, July 29, 2011

Craft Room Chair

For a while now, if I wanted to sew or journal at my desk in my craft room, I would drag one of my kitchen chairs into the room. This was starting to get annoying to me, because 1. it was extra work 2. the chair didn't match my craft room design & 3. I kept hitting the chair in the door frame.( Fact: I am Klutz)

So I went thrifting for a new chair last weekend, and ended up getting this baby for $2.50. OH YEAH!


The first thing I did was sand some rough spots, and then painted it an off white - instead of a yellow white.

And then I had to put on a new cushion:


And that was all! Took me about an hour of work to get this:

 Yes this is my messy craft room, and my half finished shirt on my lovely body form (her name is Mandy - the body form, not the shirt).


  1. Love the fabric you chose!! and yay for finding awesome deals at thrift stores!! Updating an old chair is totally more fun than buying a brand new one!

  2. Wow this looks awesome! I've never attempted anything like this but seeing the after makes me want to try! Love the fabric, too.

  3. I agree! I have been waiting and waiting to do this, its so gratifying!

  4. Thanks Sherri! You should just go for it. It is the easiest project you will ever do!

  5. The fabric is so you! I love it. I'm sure it really brightens up your room and makes you smile when you see it.

  6. You are just having too much fun!(but my craft room is waayy messier).


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