Friday, July 1, 2011

A Craft(y) Table

Ever since I graduated from college I have found that I have a lot more free time and energy to do crafting projects. I like everything from sewing, to staining, to quilting, to knitting, you name it, I've tried it (even candle making)! Living in a 700 square foot apartment has made crafting very difficult. The truth is that I don't have that much space to just spread out and leave my projects out while I finish them. That why  I needed a craft(y) table.

I saw this craft table design on and I knew it would be prefect and that I could totally make something like that! I also had a feeling I could do it for cheaper than $150.00. I currently work at Habitat for Humanity, so  I went over the ReStore to see what I could find to use. I found two amazing things to use: a counter top and a book self with 6 cubbies!

When I saw these, I knew they would be great additions to my craft(y) table.  So I got them, $10 for both (WHAT A DEAL!).

Then I realized that I wanted my table to be hip height so I could work standing up. Thanks to my husband's awesome-ness, he helped build an extra row of cubbies into my shelf that way it would be the proper height.

All that was left was to build another side and screw it all together and paint it! Here are some pictures of the finished product. It still needs a lot of work and I need to figure out how to best store everything. But I love it, and use it all the time.

Final costs for the project:
Table Top: $5 @ReStore
Shelf: $5 @ReStore
Wood: $40
Screws (and Glue): $8
Paint: FREE!
TOTAL : $58

Now I have to work on keeping it clean and figure out how to arrange the rest of the craft/office/guest room.

One day I want to have a craft room that looks something like this:

Or this one,

Until that day comes....



  1. Looks GREAT Mindy :) Yay for crafting!

  2. I'm still working on my craft room project, it's just a small corner in my bedroom. Your craft table looks pretty, happy crafting.


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