Friday, July 15, 2011

Planners = Life

I went to an all girls high school. In this school we had to wear uniforms, everything had to be official:  shirt, skirt, socks, and shoes (yes, even shoes). We also were required taught to live and die by our school planner.

Ever since those fateful freshmen days when my planner become my life I have tired to break free from it. And I can't. I need a new planner every September. I need the clean pages, the monthly and weekly view, the notes, the world maps, and super cute covers. Its like a drug to me. Even now when I am out of school and work year round, every end of July I start wanting,looking, waiting for the perfect planner.

This year is no exception.
I want need a planner.
I need a monthly and weekly view.
I need a notes section and an address section.
I need it to be sturdy and cute.
And most important its need to fit in my purse (and yes I am willing to buy a larger purse to make sure it fits).

This year, I am on a strict budget. I really didn't want to spend more than $10, OK $15.  I looked around at the typical places : Day Timer, At-A-Glance, Borders, Office Depot, Target. And all the ones I found were OK, or not starting until January.  And the ones I liked were kinda expensive. Way over my $15 limit.

And then.... I.... Found.... momAgenda.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="700" caption="The Mecca of Planners"][/caption]

Amazing. If you haven't heard or seen momAgendas, check out these planners ASAP. I am not a mom, yet, so I won't be going for the big ($43) momAgenda - but they have other options for students (myPlan- $20) and working women (myAgenda - $36).

But the myAgenda is $36, WAY over my $15 limit. So being me, I checked out The best I could find was 10% off. Still over my budget. Then I saw momAgenda Rewards. Basically for every one that you refer to buy a momAgenda you get $10 (and they get 10% off). Who doesn't love that? I signed up - posted my code on - and this morning I have $40 in my momAgenda Rewards account. AKA, all I have to pay for is shipping - $8.95.Which leaves me room to maybe even get the planner engraved (cost- $4.95)!

If you have the time to wait, check out this momAgenda Rewards. And if don't have the time, and really want a momAgenda use this 10% coupon:  mom83429 (don't enter it unitl the end of the checkout when it asks for any momAgenda Rewards codes).

So in a few days this baby will be mine:

I can't wait.

Are you addicted to a good planner like I am? What is your go-to brand?


  1. That's awesome! I love finding sweet deals like that!

  2. Mindy, this was my favorite blog of yours yet! I laughed, felt in awe, and was educated all at the same time! Way to go.

  3. Thanks Sherri! Me too! :-) Ah... I just got a e-mail saying its shipped, I might head out today and get sweet pens for it!

  4. That was my life goal. Check. :-)


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