Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Getting Back On The Craft Horse: Homemade Journals

After a few weeks of vacation from life and crafting, I am finally back in the crafting groove. It feels so good! I literately spent 5 hours in my craft-room yesterday re-organizing and crafting, it was wonderful.

This week I will be easing my way back in to crafting (don't want to rush it, now!).

That is why this first post is an easy craft that anyone can do.

I have kept a prayer journal since 9th Grade. Here is proof:

Yep, I have saved all my  journals since that time. It been great to have those and go through them at different times in my life to see how my relationship with God has changed over the years. Its a blessing to have them. In college, my good friend Kelsey first got me into making my own journals, and I am now finally attempting to do this craft all on my own. :-)

I followed these simple directions at curiously crafty.

Anyone can do this. I did end up substituting card stock for cardboard and craft paper for fabric in this because I wanted to only make a thin journal for a new bible study that I am starting this week. (For those of you who want to know it is a bible study based off of the book "Satisfy My Thirsty Soul: For I am Desperate for Your Presence" by Linda Dillow - so far it is wonderful, that woman is amazing).

Here is the end result from today:

I can't wait to start using it this week!


  1. look at you and your alumni mug. let m e know how you like the book! i haven't read that one by her... either way we need a skype date stat. love you min :)

  2. I'm impressed! What a great habit! A history of needs and blessings! Enjoyed your visit to DE and our time at the beach. Peter and 'Claudia are here now ! So good to see them, too.

  3. I love my VT mugs. That's because I love VT. And so far the book is wonderful. :-)


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