Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kitchen Update

In the past month we have added a lot of big pieces to our kitchen.

My goal for our kitchen was more storage and more seating in the area. We love to make food and entertain, and out past situation was not very helpful in that. Fitting four at our past table was a struggle. And now we can do it, and the other weekend we fit 6 around the table - granted it was for dessert but we all fit, yay!

So here is the before:

And here is progress that we have made in the past month:

And what would be September without a little support to our College football teams?


I just finished one kitchen cushion, which means, there is one to go! I will hopefully have this done by the time October comes around. :-)


  1. The bookshelf looks great! I am always in need of more kitchen storage! Especially as I keep purchasing more and more cookbooks...

  2. I am the same way, I am so thankful for this extra space!

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  4. Is your hubby a Michigan grad? Mine is a Wisconsin one. We root for the Hokies and Badgers in our house!

  5. Yes he is! We try to watch both games on Saturdays, lucky our schedules have not conflicted as of yet! And I love your blog, too!

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