Monday, September 12, 2011

Making a Reversible Apron

I love cooking, and when you cook a lot, you must have an apron!  There are so many seriously amazing aprons out there (just check out Etsy). And they are really handy to have when cooking and baking, (and you are prone to making a mess like me).

That is why I recently made one for a friend! I hope she likes it, I think it is cute, elegant and will look amazing both on and hung on a peg in the kitchen.

So here are the steps I went through to make an easy reversible Apron:

1. Cut the Apron piece (I wanted mine to the knees, so it was 18''x26''), 3 strips the length of the apron (2''x26), and then one square (mine was 9''x8''). I wanted a reversible apron, so I cut the exact same in another fabric as well.

2. Iron hem into both squares for the pockets. Sew the top part (the widest hem)

3. Sew all the 3 band strips together to get two long strips.

4. Then sew the two strips together (right sides together) on the top only. (Using a small seam allowance)

5. Sew pockets on to each fabric piece.  (Make sure you don't sew the top, you want to be able to use the pocket :-) )

6.Sew the two pieces together (right sides together) leaving the top open. And then you will have something like this: (I added lace at the bottom of mine to give it some flare. You can add another piece of fabric, ribbon, or even leave it plain on the bottom.)

7. Add the band on the top, putting the apron between the two pieces. Sew the whole length of the band. Finish the band edges.

8. Iron & done!

And there you have it, a reversible apron that is cute and functional. This whole process only took about two hours. The possibilities are endless with  the use of fabrics, shapes, and accessories!


  1. I love this apron, Mindy! You did such a great job!!

  2. Adorable!!

    Thanks so much for commenting on my VT skirt on the CSI Project. I'm so happy to "meet" another VT blogger gal!

    Hope you'll visit my blog, too!

  3. [...] is the tutorial on how to make this apron.  Hope you liked the gift Megan! Share this:TwitterFacebookEmailLike this:LikeBe the first to [...]


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