Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Project Purse

One of my friends here in Chattanooga has a beautiful Etsy shop (you should check it out here!), and I love her bags. They are amazing.  That is why I took on my most recent project.

I used a free bag template that I found here, and altered it a bit to fit the fabric I had and the style that I like best.

Here are the results:

What do you think? I love it. It is fun, these colors and fabric are amazing- can use it in the fall spring and summer! Its not perfect, but it is my first attempt at making these typed of bags!


  1. Now that is too cute! But could you please make some clothes for you model

  2. I looooove it! I'm just starting to sew and I think its a bit advanced for me, but good golly! How adorable!

  3. Haha, OK, I will! I have made stuff, but its not that great! :-)

  4. Thanks! I bet you could do it, all it takes is patience and being able to cut in a straight line - things they tried to teach us in 1st grade :-)


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