Monday, December 19, 2011

A Candle Making Christmas

This past weekend has been a flurry of getting some homemade Christmas presents finished as Christmas is THIS WEEK! I feel like we just celebrated Thanksgiving.

Last Christmas my husband got me two very thoughtful and fun gifts. The first one was an amazing craft book called "The Big Ass Book Of Crafts"

 There are some amaizng and very cool craft ideas in there. It is right up my alley!

The other gifts was candle making supplies. He got me wicks, wax, color, scent, and even cool jars from the thrift store. It has been fun experimenting with candle making. My first one turned out miserable- bad coloring, not enough scent, and the wick was off center.

But now after a year, I feel like I am getting the hang of it - enough that I feel comfortable giving them as gifts :-)

So if you are up for the challenge, buy some wicks, get some wax and coloring - find a cool jar and make some candles! Here is the process I use now (this may or may not be the "correct" way to do this, but it seems to be working for me!
Gather supplies (wax, color, scent) and a jar (mine was $.50 on a clearance rack at Joann's).


Then add the wick to the bottom of jar, and tape to a pen across the top - helps keep the wick stable and centered.

Then in a large tin can add twice the amount of dry wax  flakes that fits in the jar. I added two cups of wax flakes for my jar. Then add the tin can to a pot of simmering water. Stir until melted and smooth. (P.S. this is totally the cheap way to melt wax, but hey I use what I have!)

Once melted and smooth (no more flakes), add the coloring. Stir until color melts. Then add scent and pour into the jar.

Then set aside in a place where it can sit for 24 hours. Then arrange wick to about the middle of the jar. Let sit for 24 hours.

After 24 hours you have this:

They are cute little gifts aren't they? I wish I had made some for myself, maybe after the holidays!

I hope your weekend was relaxing and filled with homemade gift making - or at least home-wrapping of gifts for those we love!

P.s. I love using for my supplies. They are cheap and have a huge selection. Check them out:

Candlewic Candle and Soap Making Supplies

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