Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last Minute Gift: Homemade Cards

Christmas is only a few days away!Its crunch time for gifts and the start of travel for many, too!

If you are like me, you just found out that an unexpected person is coming to a holiday get-together and you need a gift for that person. Or you got invited over to a holiday party and need a quick hostess gift. What to do? The last thing you want to do is go to the store and spend more money - I mean you already went over your gift budget this year!

I was in this very situation over the weekend. I started brainstorming what to do, looking in the craft room and that it came to me! Cards. Not just cards, but embossed homemade cards! Done.

These are so easy to make and make a great gift (whether last minute or not!)

Materials that you need: 

- Cardstock or Blank Cards
- A stamp
- Stamp Pad
- pretty paper- can be plain or designed
 - a heat tool
- embossing  powder (These little jars last forever, too!)

Once you have these tools, making cards is a breeze.

The first step is to cut the paper to a size a little smaller than the card front.

Then rub the stamp ink on the stamp and stamp on the cut paper (my embossing ink is clear).

Add the embossing powder and shake it around until it catches. (Shake over a piece of scrap paper that way its easy to clean up and you can reuse the extra powder).

Then take the heat tool and emboss. You should see a change in the powder - it become glossy and looks like metal.

Let it cool for about one minute.Then glue the embossed sheets to the cards.

And that's it. Wrap it or just tie twine around it. You have a nice handmade gift that is sure to please.

Merry Christmas!

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