Friday, December 30, 2011

Superlatives of 2011

Well, its the end of 2011. Compared to other years, 2011 was a pretty calm year. I didn't graduate, move, start a new job, get married or anything else big like that. However, this blog was started this year in June and this past month I have been expanding my Etsy shop too. It has been a blast to do this blog and test my creativity. I have big plans for next year, and look forward to the challenges.

Without any further adieu, here are the superlatives for 2011 from Handmade by Mindy (The Blog).

Most "Google"d: Father's Day Gfits: DIY Wooden Pennants. Apparently, Dad gifts are hard to find.

Most Checked Out: Christmas Tablescape Link up parties really do work! 

Most Life Changing: Kitchen Benches (Here and Here too!) 

Most Entertaining: My post about my love for Planners. 

Most Homemaker-ish: My story about making and canning my own pasta sauce from my backyard garden.

Most Likely to Make your Mouth Water: Homemade Blackberry Ice Cream! YUMMMY! 

Easiest Craft of the Year:  Braided Headbands. Cut, braid, sew - a 15 minute headband.

Most Difficult Craft of the Year: The cushions on the kitchen bench. They took me over 2 months to finish because I kept getting frustrated. Ugghhhh. 

And those are my top posts for this year. I really enjoyed doing all these crafts and making these amazing dishes.

Happy New Year!

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