Monday, February 13, 2012

Recycled Wall Art

This weekend the "picture hanging" bug got me, or as my husband likes to call it - the "putting a lot of holes in the wall" bug. 

As you know I have been working on my craft room for the past month and it was time to hang some pictures around to complete the space. I love doing this on the cheap and using things that I already have. So that is exactly what I did this weekend.

My favorite project was taking my Compassion 2011 calender and recycling it into art.

The photos are amazing. They are so vivid and colorful and full of beautiful children. I knew that I couldn't just throw this away! ( You can buy the 2012 one here)

So I made this:
Using two 8x10 canvas and one piece of plywood covered in burlap, I was able to create this really fun photo collage. The cross is a gift from my Grandmother from her trip to Jerusalem a few years back (I think).  The night after I finished this, I would walk right into the craft room just to see them; I was so excited about how they looked.

The total cost was $5 for the canvas at Micheal's. I used thumb tacks for the burlap photo, acrylic paint I had for the canvas, and adhesive spray for the photos.

I was able to create these little embroidery  hoops of fabric for the wall space in-between the desk and craft table. I have seen this all over on pinterest, and knew it would be perfect for this space. Both hoops ended up being about $4. And the fabric was just some scrap I had from my kitchen benches project.

Keeping it real with this photo - see the mess on the craft table and the husband's hand.. opps.

And after being out of college for two years, I finally got both our diplomas hung ! YAY! I mean they only cost us like $217,000!

I guess the better the school, the bigger the diploma

  And that's it!  The room is coming together!  Don't you love productive and relaxing weekends?

Made by You Monday!


  1. I love that you used old calendar pictures! I always feel guilty if I throw away a calendar because there are so many good pictures in them! And way to go hanging up your diplomas! Mine is still sitting in my closet :(

  2. I love the diplomas! Of course the bigger one is the better school. I loved your handmade art too. I have always thought calendars are a great thing to save for projects like these! Your collages turned out great!


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