Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vacation: Asheville Style

Ever have one of those days weeks, OK month where the last thought of every day is “I need a vacation" ?  I've had one of those months.  So we took a Vacation.

Look at those mountains!
We spent this past weekend in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. We were able to walk around town, order room service, eat unique grub – like Indian Street Food (not my favorite, for the record) and Latin-Fusion food– and see the beautiful area around the Biltmore Estate.  (P.S. everywhere we ate had Chalkboard Menus - I guess that is the new thing?) It was such a relaxing weekend. It was great to get away and not worry about dishes, cleaning, errands, and all the other stuff being at home seems to require! So thankful for the sweet time we had. 

Here are some pictures from this weekend:

I LOVE that pineapple fountain in the back ground! They were selling one there too, it was $300 - yikes!

We took a rest stop at the site of the 1996 Olympics for white water kayaking!
If you get a chance to go to Asheville do it! It is so beautiful, peaceful, and so many options of what to do – with outdoor activities, arts, food, and everything in-between. Plus the drive out there is amazing through the blue ridge mountains.   And I would say go to the Biltmore Estate– the house is way too excessive – but the history is fascinating – and the gardens are awe-inspiring.  The mountains surrounding it took my breath away.  Yes, the house is pricey - almost $45 per person - yet look for coupons online, I found one for 25% off –and if you buy tickets the day before at the Visitor’s Center they’ll give you $10 off per ticket – oh yeah. 


I am so sorry that I have not been updating this blog as often as I wanted to. It has been one crazy month – hence the vacation- and I am trying to get my feet back underneath me. Just in case you were wondering, I have been crafting (there is no way I could give that up, no matter HOW busy!). I made some sweet wall art last weekend and I tried making a shirt with my new serger – pictures to come. Expect more posts in the coming weeks. I will not be posting as often as I was – but eventually I will. One step at a time right? 

(I haven’t even had time to check in with my Etsy Shop or post new stuff. But I do have plans to add some more things. That is why everything in my store is 15% off using code SPRINGCLEAN )

Thanks for all your support ! 

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