Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby Quilt

Ok, its been forever. Sorry.  

In the past month, I have really been able to relax and enjoy some rest! It has been desperately needed. Now that I have some energy back it is time to show off some of my crafts from the past two ok three months.

If you remember, one of my Craft Goals of 2012 was to make a quilt. Well it happened!


And yes, it is a baby quilt. (And no this isn't cheating...)

One of good friends just has her precious baby boy and so I made him this super cute quilt with farm animals and some nice warm cushy fabric. As I was making it, I was wishing it was a little bit bigger so that I could snuggle under it.

While I was at it, I thought I would get really ambitious and attempt to make a new born super-snuggly hat. It was really fun to try and it in the end it looked great. However... when we he was born he had too big of head to fit it :-( ... (note to self: next time you make a hat for new born use some kind of stretchy knit). But with the blanket it made for a really nice gift.  

Now its on to my other crafts and showing whats been happening around the Brown House.


Some of you have been asking what is happening with my Etsy Shop! Well, its been on hold now for two months, as I have been working full-time at another job. At the end of May, I plan on being part-time at my current job and starting back with the Etsy stuff! I am really excited to get back into it - it has been toooo long! Thanks for all the encouragement!
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