Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Roses are Pink And Our Duplex is Red

For a while now, I have been wanting to make the front of your duplex a little more beautiful. Even though we only use the back door - most of our guests and our  nice mailman always use the front door. We are so lucky to have a landlord that lets us do things like dig up grass and put in a bed. He also gave us some extra stones to go around the edge of the bed  (yay free!).

Here is the before of the front of the duplex.

After two hours of shoveling, shaking the grass (to get the most dirt out of the grass)and carrying the stones we headed to the local garden center to get some flowers. After talking to a knowledgeable associate about what type of plant we need (the front of the house gets heavy sun ALL DAY) we chose two knock-out roses - which apparently are as easy to keep as weeds (we'll see about that). And we chose some on sale petunias to fill in this year - we'll look into other perennial options later. This is what our front now look like:

My mom got me this really cool rain gauge that is just perfect for the front. (Thanks, mom!)

Happy summer time!


  1. Mindy, I love when you do projects you do your list of what's free, what it cost, and your totals. SO cute! I love good deals so it just makes me smile to see how happy you get when you do a project and the price is so worth it! Love seeing the word "free" on there. :)


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