Monday, July 23, 2012

Hammock Making

Last summer we got this amazing hammock for free from our wonderful in-laws. We enjoyed laying on it and hanging out during the fall and spring (because in TN the summers are way too humid).

Just kidding, this isn't our hammock, dog, lake, or kayak - but I sure wish all of those were ours!
Almost got you there didn't I? No that isn't our hammock - ours in smaller, like a lot smaller and not as sturdy. 

So, as a result of staying outside in the spring, summer & fall - during wind, rain, and sun - the hammock started to fall apart this year. There was some kind of pink and gray mold growing on th bottom, it was bleached out, and then a rip started forming right in the middle (where your but needs the most support!).

For the life of me I could not find a place (online or otherwise) that sold this type of hammock. It only needs a bar - no strings - and a shorter size. Thats it. Sounds easy enough, but I could find nothing.

So, as usual. I took things into my own hands. I went to Hancock Fabrics - found some outdoor canvas for $4.00 a yard - got a bunch and went to town.

I ended up just serging all the way around. I really like this look - and for something that will be sat on, pooped on (only by the birds and squirrels of course), and rained out - it does not need to be perfect. I did not add any padding in between the top and bottom layers (hopefully no mold this time around!).

I used the old hammock as the pattern but made it about 4 inches wider.

And after about an hour of sewing and hemming and measuring - I had a brand new hammock for under $20!

Now its already to be used when the weather and humidity goes back down to normal!!

Happy Summer Time Y'all!

P.S. It has literally rained EVERY DAY this week, so getting these pictures was really tough work! Enjoy!

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