Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My New Toy: Silhouette Cameo

This is my new toy:

A Cameo Silhouette.

If you have never heard for this amazing machine before, it is basically a printer that cuts paper (or vinyl or fabric) instead of printing on it.  And it is AWESOME! Yes they are pricey - around $289. I was able to find mine at for $259 (with a coupon code and cash back). And it was a great purchase!!

Here is a video of a Cameo in Action (and shows all that you can do with it!): 

This thing is seriously amazing. I have made some pretty greeting and thank you cards. It is fun to play around with and figure out how to use the software that is included. The software is awesome because you can basically take any image and turn it into a cut-able image - what a great function.

This machine is great for scrap-booking, card making, decorating, and even making stencils. You can also buy vinyl and make a cool saying or picture to slap up on your wall (I cannot wait to try that!). Just check out all the stuff they have on their Pinterest Wall:

Amazing, Right?

Here are some things that I have made over the past few weeks as I try to learn how to use this machine.

Just wait until more projects start rolling out! I cannot wait!

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