Friday, August 24, 2012

Discarded Crate to Piano Bench

At work, one of my new co-workers was getting rid of some things that the old employee left behind.

Among these things was this amazing looking military crate.

When I noticed she wanted to get rid of it, I immediately asked her if I could take it. She said yes, and the plans started forming in my head of where I could use this.

Then I knew the perfect place....

The piano bench.

So good by chair, hello sweet piano bench.

This was a simple project. I put felt feet on the bottom of the bench (got to protect those floors), bought hinges for $4, used some left over plywood, foam and batting, muslin - I stapled it and I was done!

I think it is perfect. On top of looking amazing - it has storage, now I have a place to put all those piano books - and maybe my knitting.

What a great one hour project!

I am in am organizing frenzy around here as I try to make room for a baby. More organizing to come!!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. So pretty! I want a piano badly, but I'm not sure we could get one up our front stairs :(. I guess I'll have to be content ogling yours hah!

  2. There is always a keyboard! Just like ours :-)

  3. What a great way to repurpose. Yesterday my post was about "ostranenie" - looking at things in unexpected ways. You definitely used ostranenie on that crate.

  4. This implies that within the piano there are counterweights on the backs of all the keys that force the key upwards and create it more durable to pull down. This emulates the hammers connected to the keys of a piano.


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