Monday, June 3, 2013

Drywall is {going} up!

Over Memorial Day weekend we were able to hang some drywall in the house. It looks good to have some walls. There is still a long to-do list - but the drywall makes it feel a little closer to livable! 

Here is a room by room update.

Living Room




Tori's Room

Basement - AKA Storage Center
Yes, It is messy in there right now. But some progress is being made. If you missed it - here is the post about what the house orginally looked liked when we bought it.

Some of you might be interested in a house layout. These measurements are all approximate. As you can see it is not very big, but we love it anyway. It is a strong house in a great neighborhood! On top of that we are learning a lot about home renovation and trying to live within our means. This is in no way our FOREVER home - so I've had to compromise on some things - but this is our temporary home and we'll love it just the same! 

Since the last post we installed NEW WINDOWS! Nate did this all by himself with the help from friends (thanks friends!).  Here's how it looks from the front and back with the new windows (We hope to put new windows in the basement - but that is something that could wait).

Next up list looks something like this:
  • Finish Hanging Drywall
  • Pay someone to Tape & Mud Drywall
  • Paint Walls
  • Build & Install Kitchen Cabinets
  • Install Countertops
  • Re-Finish Floors
One day at a time, right?

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