Wednesday, July 24, 2013

House Update: Finished Floors

Things are moving along at our "new" house!

This week we finished the hardwood floors, put up some cabinets, and started priming the ceiling and walls. This weekend we will be painting the rooms!

Soon we'll be getting appliances and working on the kitchen and bathroom flooring. There are so many decision that have to be made concerning the house - its just a little bit crazy. I had no idea it would be so hard just choosing a fan or light fixture!

Here are the update pictures:

The Kitchen is starting to look like a kitchen! Wohoo! 

The living room floors are done! Look at that room - it is bigger than it looks in this picture. Hello Baby T!

The two bedrooms pretty much look the same as last time - but the floors are finished! 

There has been no change in the bathroom. We did find some flooring for it over the weekend - I cannot wait to see it that room.

So there you have it. There are still many things to get done before we start to move in. Upcoming projects include:
  • Painting the walls and ceiling
  • Adding trim and window casings 
  • Laying down bathroom and kitchen floor 
  • Installing lighting and fans (after I pick some out)
So here goes! Hopefully only a month and half until move in (fingers crossed)!
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