Thursday, September 12, 2013

Living in a Partially Done House....

We moved on Saturday & Sunday! 

Whew was that exciting and hard work. 

When we moved in we had:
  • No air conditions
  • No working kitchen sink
  • No pots or pans
  • No hot water
  • No Internet 
  • No interior doors
  • No ice 
  • No smoke alarms 
  • No silverware or dishes

So needless to say our first night and morning were a wake up call about how much I think I deserve all these "conveniences" - because lets face it majority of people in the WORLD don't have access to AC, hot water, Internet, or ice - and a lot of them have no need for interior doors. So I really shouldn't complain - but man are we living a privileged life here in Middle Class America. (OK my rant is done!)

In our defense, it was hot out this week. With temperates in the low 90s in the afternoon this brick house soaked it up and was pretty warm in the evenings - try around 85 in the house at bedtime. Tempers were  a litter higher than usual for all three of us, too!

But TODAY - we are getting a new HVAC - hallelujah. Thank you Jesus!

Those house is livable but still unfinished in many aspects. By now we do have a working kitchen sink, pots, pans, ice, Internet, silverware, and a bathroom door!

Life is good around here - enjoying our new home and neighborhood.  This weekend we will be cleaning out and saying goodbye to our old apartment! Sorry new house - you'll have to wait until next weekend to get more doors!

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