Thursday, September 5, 2013

Moving In Progress


We have been moving, moving, moving for the past week or so! How exhausting. We have been taking small trips over everyday with a trailer attached to our Accord. Needless to say, we can't take ALOT - but we are slowly emptying out our apartment.

The house is far from done- there are a lot of little touch ups that need to be finished (trim, window casings, interiors doors, etc). But those will come in due time.

We have been focusing on getting our Kitchen and Bathroom done - so its livable!

Here is how to the house is looking currently and we rush to finish the Kitchen this week.

I grouted the floor last weekend and installed that fan - all by myself!  Wohoo!

Living Room
This is the fan that shocked me. I totally forgot to cut the power before I touched the wires while installing the fan. Man did that tingle!  No harm was done and I didn't fall off the ladder.


Kids Room


We have moved all out boxes and stuff into the basement of the house. This weekend we'll be working on moving furniture - and hopefully sleeping in this house by Monday night.

Also - our HVAC broke a month ago in this house - so that will hopefully be fixed by Monday, too! (By the way - replacing a HVAC is crazy expensive!)

Until next week.....

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