Friday, May 23, 2014

Bookcase Re-do

Ok. Its been a while. We've been busy doing boring finishes on our house (aka trim, molding, and cleaning). And we've been growing a baby (due this summer)- so that takes up a lot of time!

But we've worked on a few projects recently that I want to share. We are finally getting into the fun part of re-doing a house - decorating!!!!!(insert a big squeal here)!!!

This trash picked bookcase had gotten abused over the past two years and I didn't like the red color in our living room. So I cleaned it off and got to painting it with some leftover paint we had in the basement.

This is it right after we trashed picked it - we were using it as a drying rack
And this is it in our old home (silly me forgot to take a before picture)
I added gold stripes down the sides and on the top to give it a pop and tie it in with the beige walls in our living room. I was really concerned that this  paint job would be messed up real fast like the other one with all the books that I would like to have on it. So I checked my handy painting guide in the back of Young House Love's Book - and they recommended Polycrylic. So I got it (that stuff is expensive, yo!) - and put three coats on.  So far it is already holding up better than the red paint job - YAY!

I love it! It was really fun to get back into painting and being creative. I've missed that - dang first trimester!

I've never been one to "style" a book case - so this is a first for me. What do you think? It feels wrong to put things other than books on the shelves. :-)

Please excuse the messy books- I have a toddler that likes to "rearrange" them

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