About Me

a few of my favorite things
rainy days | spray paint | reading | giving thanks | using my crock-pot
looking for beauty | holding newborn babies | drinking tea
fall breeze | laying in bed in the morning | sheer curtains
flowers | burlap | lace | college football
| creating |

My name is Mindy, and I love projects. Like a lot a lot (you can ask my husband that if I don't get to create something I start getting jittery and anxious!)

That is why I created this humble blog. I wanted a place to showcase my projects, my food, my success, my failures, my steals (and deals), and everything in between.  I am in no way a professional writer ( I am a HORRIBLE speller), a blogger, or a seamstress. I just love creating something beautiful out of something old, simple, or discarded.

I also sell some of the things I make at my Esty Shop. I have got to support my project addiction some how! Check it out if you have the time. *And if you wonder why its so poorly stocked - its because I am attempting to grow a child in my belly and somethings get left behind ;-) *

Thanks for checking out my blog! If you have any comments, criticism, complaints, or praises - I would love to hear them.

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